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Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy and are committed to protecting your rights as set out by the Privacy Act 1988.

We collect certain personal information including your name, contact & financial details in order to conduct our relationship with you and will advise you how this information will be used when necessary.

For marketing purposes, we may share this information with third parties and require these parties to meet our privacy requirements for the protection of your information. These marketing activities will only relate to your relationship with Wellman Packaging and will not include any product or service that is not directly provided by us.

We will not collect information about you of a sensitive nature without your consent. We take care to ensure that the personal information you supply us on our websites is protected.

We store your personal information in different ways including electronic & hard copy forms and use a variety of methods to protect it from unauthorised use, loss or disclosure. These methods include physical & electronic access restrictions and internal non-disclosure procedures for employees.

You have a right to the information that we collect about you. In some cases, however a request for access to your information may be denied due to our commitment under law in which cases we will indicate the reason why.


When you use this site, a cookie may be placed on the hard disk of your machine. A cookie is a small text file that records such things as your preferences & security information it is not an executable program and will not affect your machine but may be required for you to access certain pages of this site. The content of cookies is not collected or stored by us or our agents (including our internet service providers).

Clickstream Data

For statistical purposes, our ISPs make a record of your visit including pages accessed & documents downloaded, previous sites visited and the path taken to navigate to our site. These statistics may be preserved by our ISP indefinitely for resource planning activities or in the event of a law enforcement enquiry.

Should you have any questions about our privacy policy, please contact us.

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